Under the guidance of our dynamic dean Dr. Wasundhara Bhad, the Department of Periodontology and Department of Prosthodontics, Government of Dental College & Hospital, Mumbai in collaboration with Dentium Implants India, organized a 1-day workshop and hands-on course on sinus lift procedures in implants on 18th November 2023. Over 120 participants were present for the course and 30 participants registered for hands-on course.

The event commenced with the lighting of the lamp by all the dignitaries present including the additional Dean Dr. Jyoti Tembhurne, Dr. Rajesh Gaikwad and Dr. Akshaya Banodkar.

The session started with an opening speech related to Dentium implants by Dr. Sujit Bopardikar. Followed by a keynote speaker Dr. Byun Soo Hwan, from South Korea, who focused on the various techniques, the crestal and lateral approach of the sinus lift procedure.

After each session from the speakers, an opportunity for a question round was given to the participants.

This was continued by another important speaker Dr. Nikhil Khandge, who emphasised on the complications in sinus lift surgeries and the protocols, and guidelines to manage any surgical emergencies including the Caldwell Luc Surgery.

After an hour of lunch break, the session was initiated by Dr. T.V Narayan with importance on Immediate implants – the state of Art and the techniques employed like the socket shield technique.

Later Dr. Nikhil Deshpande took the stage highlighting the objectives and parameters to evaluate implant success in the esthetic zone using PES/WES evaluation which will provide the best result of the implant esthetically.

After the lectures, Dentium arranged a Lucky Draw for the participants with grand prizes including a free ticket to Vietnam, implants, surgical kit, etc.

The event ended with a hands-on course on sinus lift procedures performed by Dr. Byun Soo Hwan demonstrating the location of the incisions, the lateral and crestal approaches, instruments of choice to lift the sinus and finally placing the graft (osteon collagen) in case of deficient residual bone.