Criteria Wise Report

Curricular Aspects

1.1.1 The Institution ensures effective curriculum planning, delivery and evaluation through a well defined process as prescribed by the respective regulatory councils and the affiliating University.
1.1.2 Percentage of fulltime teachers participating in BoS /Academic Council of Universities during the last five years. (Restrict data to BoS /Academic Council only)
  1. List of teachers participating in BoS of universities year-wise during the last five years
  2. Details of participation of teachers in various bodies
  3. Scanned copies of letters to support participation of teachers in BoS Academic Council of universities
  4. Institutional data in prescribed format
1.2.1 Percentage of inter-disciplinary / inter-departmental courses /training across all the Programmes offered by the College during the last five years
1.2.2 Average percentage of students enrolled in subject-related Certificate/ Diploma / Add-on courses as against the total number of students during the last five years
1.3.1 The Institution integrates cross-cutting issues relevant to gender, environment and sustainability, human values, health determinants, Right to Health and emerging demographic issues and Professional Ethics into the Curriculum as prescribed by the University / respective regulative councils
1.3.2 Number of value-added courses offered during the last five years that impart transferable and life skills
  1. Brochure or any other document related to value-added course/s
  2. List of value added courses (Data Template)
  3. List of students enrolled in value-added courses year-wise during the last five years
  4. Any other relevant information
1.3.3 Average percentage of students enrolled in the value-added courses during the last five years
  1. List of students enrolled in value-added courses (Data Template)
  2. Any other relevant information
1.3.4 Percentage of students undertaking field visits/Clinical / industry internships/research projects/industry visits/community postings (data for the preceding academic year)
  1. List of programmes and number of students undertaking field visits/internships/research projects/industry visits/community postings (Data Template)
  2. Documents to show the total number of students in the Institution during the preceding academic year
  3. Any other relevant information

Teaching - Learning and Evaluation

2.1 Student enrollment and Profile
2.2 Catering to student diversity
2.3 Teaching - Learning process
2.4 Teacher profile and quality
2.5 Evaluation process and reforms
2.6 Students performance and learning outcome
2.7 Student satisfaction survey

Research Innovations and Extension

3.1 Resource Mobilisation for Research
3.2 Innovation Ecosystem
3.3 Research Publications and Awards
3.4 Extension Activities
3.5 Collaboration

Infrastructure and Learning Resources

4.1 Physical Facilities
4.2 Clinical Equipment and Laboratory Learning Resources
4.3 Library As Learning Resources
4.4 IT Infrastructure
4.5 Maintenance Of Campus Infrastructure

Student Support and Progression

5.1. Student Support
5.2 Student Progression
5.3. Student Participation and Activities
5.4 Alumni Engagement

Governance Leadership and Management

6.1 Institutional Vision and Leadership
6.2 Strategy Development and Deployment
6.3 Faculty Empowerment Strategies
6.4 Financial Management and Resource Mobilisation
6.5 Internal Quality Assurance System

Institutional Values and Best Practices

7.1 Institutional Values and Social Responsibilities
7.2 Best Practices
7.3 Institutional Distinctiveness

B2 Dental College

8.1.1 NEET Percentile scores
8.1.1 NEET Percentile Score - Preceeding Academic Year
8.1.1 List of Students Enrolled for BDS - Preceeding Academic Year
8.1.1 Upload other - NEET List
8.1.1 Upload other 2

8.1.2 Training for Pre - clinical Skills
8.1.2 Geo tagged Photographs of the pre clinical laboratories

8.1.3 Infection Control Protocols - Preceding Academic Year
8.1.3 Relevant Records/Documents-6 Parameters
8.1.3 Immunization Register
8.1.3 Disinfection Register
8.1.3 Central Sterile Supplies Department Register
8.1.3 Additional Info

8.1.4 - Orientation Courses
8.1.4 Orientation Circulars
8.1.4 Program Report

8.1.5 High End Equipments For Diagnostic And Therapeutic Purpose
8.1.5 Usage Registers
8.1.5 Invoice of Purchase
8.1.5 Geotagged Photos
8.1.5 Any additonal Information

8.1.6 Specialized Clinics
8.1.6 Geotagged Photos
8.1.6 Certificate from competent authority
8.1.6 Relevant Info

8.1.7 Full Time Teachers-With Post Graduate Degree/Diploma (last 5 years )
8.1.7 List of Full time Teachers with Additional Degree/Diploma
8.1.7 Attested e-copies of Certificates
8.1.7 Upload other file - List of Teachers
8.1.7 Any other Relevant - Formula

8.1.8 Attainment of specific clinical competencies by BDS students/interns
8.1.8 Steps taken by the College to measure attainment of specific competencies
8.1.8 Geotagged photographs
8.1.8 List of competencies

8.1.9 Prophylactic immunization (last 5 years )
8.1.9 Policies Documents - Immunization for Care givers
8.1.9 List of Students Teacher Hospital Staffs - Immunization (Preceeding Academic Year)
8.1.9 Relevant Info - Immunization Register Preceeding Academic Year

8.1.10- Methods to define and implement Dental graduate attributes
8.1.10 Dental graduate attributes

8.1.11 Expenditure Dental Materials and other consumables on student training (5 years)
8.1.11 Links for Additional Information
8.1.11 Audited Statement of Accounts
8.1.11 Additional Info - Explanation Letter, formula

8.1.12 Faculty Development Programmes
8.1.12 List of seminars/conferences/workshops on emerging trends in Dental Educational Technology
8.1.12 List of teacher’s year-wise who participated in the seminars/conferences/workshops