Republic Day Celebration

Republic Day celebration 🇮🇳
Republic Day was celebrated on the 26 th of January at Government Dental college and Hospital Mumbai, at the auspicious hands of our Honourable Commissioner Mr Rajiv Nivatkar sir, along with our beloved joint director Dr Vivek Pakhmode sir & Honourable Dean Dr. Wasundhara Bhad Patil Mam.

Program organised by Protocol committee Of Govt Dental college & Hospital Mumbai
Headed By Dr Ravikumar Akulwar & Dr chitra
Anchoring Done by Adeen wagle, Aditi & Pramita
Patriotic song sung by vijay Kumar

After this Following employee of the Govt Dental college & Hospital Mumbai felicitated By Mr Rajiv Nivatkar sir
Mr Ramkrishna Rane
Mr Sandeep Shingade
Mr Alankar Kadam
Mrs Jyoti Rathod
Mr Rajan Laxman Choulkar