Faculty/ HOD

Head of Department : Dr. Sandhya Chavan
Designation : Associate Professor and Head
Qualification : MDS in Public Health Dentistry
Email.id : sandhya.chavan84@gmail.com
Contact No : 9156388888
Location : Room No- 340 to 352, Third floor of GDCH building

Staff Details

Dr. Sandhya Chavan (Associate Professor and Head of Department)
Dr. Roshni Dupare (Assistant Professor)
Dr. Priyanka Machale (Assistant Professor)
Mr. Shoabh Zulfi (Dental Hygienist)
Mr. Pramod Chavhan (Lab. Assistant)

Scope Of Department

Well equipped department spread over an area of approx 2841.500 sqft consisting of Undergraduate Dental clinic with 16 dental chairs, Patient waiting area, Seminar Room, Oral Health Museum. The department is equipped with mobile dental clinic and portable dental chair unit taking sophisticated dental care to the remote areas where access to care is limited.

The Department is dedicated to training undergraduate students in public health dentistry with main emphasis on Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of common oral diseases. Undergraduates are trained in Epidemiological research to understand pattern of disease distribution and assess needs of community training students in the field of community intervention. The department has museum located on third floor with range of exhibits for purpose of patient education on all aspects of oral health and disease and its prevention.

Academic Activities

Training undergraduate students in Public Health Dentistry to work within interdisciplinary teams investigating the risk factors for oral diseases,their relation to systemic disease and on the use of oral epidemiological methods to study health outcomes of dental services. Providing preventive treatment modalities , oral health education and oral health promotion for population. Conducting an epidemiological research.

Clinical Activities

The department provides basic oral health care services in common oral health diseases like dental caries and periodontal disease, preventive services and oral health education and counseling against tobacco habit at department level.

Outreach oral Health services

The department has an extensive outreach program where dental care is delivered to the surrounding areas through satellite centers at five various locations in Mumbai region and regular oral health screening and health education camps in different parts of Mumbai and outside Rural regions through Mobile Dental van covering more than 15,000 patients annually.


The department is associated with humanitarian organizations; Life and Peace for oral health outreach activities.


The scope for research activity is wide with epidemiological studies, behavioral sciences research. The Department encourages and facilitates students to conduct an epidemiological studies.

Public Awareness Programs

The department organizes Public awareness programs on regular basis marking important public health days like “World No Tobacco Day”, World Health Day, “Oral Heal Day”, AIDS Day.