Faculty/ HOD

Head of Department : Dr Jyoti Tembhurne
Designation : Professor & Head
Qualification : BDS, MDS
Email.id : jundurwade@gmail.com
Contact No : 9869370823
Location : 2nd floor Room No. 221, 225, 227, 238, 239, 240 and 3rd floor room no. 325 of GDC & H Building

Staff Details

Dr. Jyoti Tembhurne(Professor & Head of Department)
Dr. Arti Gangurde(Associate Professor)
Dr. Manish Chauhan(Associate Professor)
Dr. Niraja Jaiswal(Associate Professor)
Dr. Ravikumar Akulwar(Assistant Professor)
Dr. Rajat Nahar(Assistant Professor - Temporary)
Dr. Nikhil Kule(Assistant Professor - Temporary
Dr. Vikrant Pardeshi(Assistant Professor - Temporary)
Dr. Anju Sharma(Assistant Professor - Temporary)
Dr. Minal Mair(Assistant Professor - Temporary)
Dr. Ashwini Bhole(Assistant Professor - Temporary)
Dr. Kanchan Aswani(Assistant Professor - Temporary)
Dr. Ramdas Palekar(Dental Surgeon)
Dr. Renju K-(Dental Surgeon - Temporary)
Mr. Yogesh Shelke(Dental Technician)
Mrs. Vaishali Kamtikar(Dental Technician)
Mrs. Rupali Jadhav(Dental Technician)
Mrs. Vandana Adhal(Dental Technician)
Mr. Anil Harpale(Lab Technician)
Mr. Abhimanyu Chougule(Lab Assistant)
Mr. Prakash Rathod(Sweeper cum servant)
Mr. Hemant Koli(Sweeper cum servant)
Mr. Manoj Boricha(Sweeper cum servant)
Mr. Suvarna Kamble(Sweeper cum servant)

The biggest department of GDC & H on 2nd and 3rd floor. It is equipped with highly advanced instruments and machineries. Department is well equipped with 82 dental chairs for undergraduate and postgraduate dental clinic. CAD/CAM proposed in 2018 but not yet received.

Patient Services

  • Daily OPD of approximately 120 patients.
  • 6000 patients treated annually with removable prosthesis (CD, RPD, Maxillofacial prosthesis).
  • 2500 patients treated annually with crown and bridges.
  • 100 implant surgeries done annually.

Academic Activities

First year undergraduate students:

  • Dental materials 6 lectures per month
  • Preclinical Prosthodontics 8 preclinical practicals per month

Second year undergraduate students

  • Dental materials 8 lectures
  • Preclinical Prosthodontics 24 preclinical practicals per month
  • Prosthodontics 8 lectures per month.

Third year undergraduate students:

  • Clinical posting in afternoon 3 hours per day
  • Prosthodontics 6 lectures per month.

Final year undergraduate students:

  • Clinical posting in morning 4 hours per day
  • Prosthodontics 8 lectures per month.
  • Total 22 lectures of Prosthodontics and crown and bridge are taken per month.
  • Total 14 lectures of Dental materials are taken per month.
  • Total 32 preclinical Prosthodontics practicals per month.
  • Third and final year clinic total 154 hours per month approximately.


  • Clinical posting 45 days per batch
  • Clinical assistants treat Geriatric patients at room no. 239.
  • Post graduate students working all 7 days.
  • Dental mechanics students studying according to syllabus for 2 years

Advanced Machinery

  • Implant taper kit with surgical instruments (Osstem, Biohorizons)
  • Sinus lift kit (CAS, LAS)
  • RFA device, PRF Machine, Portable xray unit
  • RVG with xray machine, laptop and printer

Ceramometal laboratory is fully equipped

  • Pressable ceramic machine (Ivoclar)
  • Vacuum press machine

Courses Offered

  • PhD course (3 students per year). At present 4 students are registered.
  • Fellowship in Oral Implantology in affiliation with MUHS, Nashik (10 students per year).
  • Fellowship in Geriatric Dentistry is affiliated with MUHS, Nashik (10 students per year).
  • Diploma in Dental Mechanics (10 students per year). 2 years course. 20 students per year are going to be proposed in coming year.
  • Fellowship in smile designing going to be proposed in coming year.

Other Activities

  • 12 research projects are undergoing in the department.
  • 1st prize winners in posters, papers and table clinic presentation at IPS convention and national and state level conferences by post graduate students.
  • Arranged various CDE programs with demonstration and hands on.
  • Every year National Prosthodontist Day is celebrated with a lecture delivered by renowned Prosthodontics speaker.