Faculty/ HOD

Head of Department : Dr. Kavita Wadde
Designation : Academic Professor and Head
Qualification : MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Email.id : dr.kavitawadde@gmail.com
Contact No : 9004799405
Location : 1 st floor ( UG section 126, PG section 118, GDCH building)

Staff Details

Dr. Samir Khaire (Associate Professor)
Dr. Monali Patil (Assistant Professor)
Dr. Priyanka Relan (Assistant Professor)
Dr.Manjusha Balwant (Dental Surgeon)
Mrs. Allka Khedekar (Dental Hygienist)
Mrs.Supriya Sawant (Nurse)
Mrs Smita Kadam (Nurse)
Mrs. Jenet Hemar (Nurse)
Miss. Pramila Ayer (Sweeper)
Mrs. Surbhi Mhashilkar (Sweeper)
Mr. Umesh Ghosalkar (Sweeper)
Mr. Sandeep Shedge (Sweeper)

Basic facilities in the Department :

The department has an undergraduate clinic, postgraduate clinic, operation theatre, Sterilization chamber, Changing room, VIP clinic, Sero-positive patients clinic, Trauma clinic, and a Departmental library.

The department has a two sections, Undergraduate section (126) where UG students, Intern, 1 year PG students and faculty are posted and provides services like diagnosis and tooth extractions and Postgraduate section(118) where advanced surgical procedures are carried out. The second postgraduate section where postgraduates, faculty, Interns and clinical assistants are posted and various advance surgical procedures carried out under Local Anaesthesia. We also have two days of modular OT in Saint George Hospital provide the services to patient under general anaesthesia.

The department is equipped with 31 dental chairs. The Undergraduate section has instruments adequate to treat 150 patients on a daily basis. The department is well equipped to handle medical emergencies. It is stocked with emergency drugs, oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators, ambu bag, tracheostomy kit etc. as well as staff trained to use the same. High pressure steam sterilizers, large autoclaves and fumigation machine are available to maintain asepsis and sterilization. The department provides services for extractions, third molar surgeries, trauma, pathology, implants, temporomandibular joint disorders, OSMF patients, facial symmetry, cleft patients etc. The students are guided by highly experienced staff members who have multiple publications, patents and copyrights to their credit, in carrying out the surgeries.

Academic activities :

Tutorials, clinical demonstrations, lectures and seminars are taken throughout the year to upgrade the clinical skills and knowledge of the undergraduate and postgraduate students. The subject is introduced in the third year and the student appears for the final examination in the fourth year. Lectures as per MUHS syllabus. Journals are written by the students carrying a weightage during the final exam.

Advanced machinery in the Department of OMFS, GDC, Mumbai

  • Piezo surgery kit
  • Basic advanced implantology kit with physiodispenser
  • Distraction Osteogenesis system
  • Computerized Controlled Local anaesthetic delivery (CCLAD)
  • Video laryngoscope
  • Radiofrequency analyser
  • Portable x-ray device

Oral Surgery Copyright:

Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery received Indian Copyright grant for the work on “Quality Of Life Questionnaire For Patients With Oral Potentially Malignant Disorders” with registration no. L-139603/2023. The authors aimed to develop a modified version of questionnaire for quality of life in patients with oral potentially malignant disorders that could more suitably evaluate the QoL of patients with OPMDs and could address several domains related to the OPMDs including symptoms related to the disorders and their effects on the patient’s physical and psychological health and carryout counselling for the patients with these conditions in an effective way.