Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics organized a CDE program on ‘Rubber dam’ – 29th September 2023. A Continuing Dental Education (CDE) program on rubber dam isolation was conducted to educate dental professionals on the importance and techniques of using rubber dams in various dental procedures. Dr. Manoj Ramugade (Associate Professor), Dr. Vignesh R(MDS), Dr. Shaili Mehta (MDS), Dr. Wendy Lobo (MDS), and Dr. Kiran Panzade (MDS) addressed the following key aspects: Introduction to Rubber dam isolation, indications and limitations, basic armamentarium, various techniques of rubber dam placement, and clinical application variations in rubber dam placement for different cases. In summary, the CDE program on rubber dam isolation is a valuable educational opportunity for dental professionals.

It not only underscores the significance of rubber dams in dental practice but also equips participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to implement effective isolation techniques for improved patient care and infection control. This program is a testament to the commitment of dental professionals to delivering high-quality, safe, and patient-centered dental care.

Interested students were provided were registered in the CDE program. A vote of thanks was given by Dr. Abrar Sayed and the program was concluded.