The Government Dental College & Hospital, Mumbai under the leadership of our dynamic Dean, Dr. Wasundhara Bhad, organized “Bondla” on 21st October 2023 from 12.30 to 1.30 pm for all the ladies’ staff. All the ladies were dressed in festive finery and prayed obeisance to the elephant – the carrier of the Goddess Parvati, who is worshiped during Navratri. It started with the traditional bondla song – “Ailama Pailama Ganesh Deva”, a prayer to Ganesha. Dr. Asha Donde enlightened all the present staff on the topic of diet and nutrition while Dr. Akshaya Banodkar gave a very useful trick of how to be healthy and wealthy with the simplest formulas.

There was an open discussion on the problems faced by the staff during working hours and solutions for the same were suggested and will be put forward for consideration to higher authorities. Then the ladies played ‘Khirapat’ – sweet and savory delicacies, in which they had to guess what was there inside the tiffin box by hearing the sound of it and the winners were given prizes. After the song and khirapat, they played Garba and the best 3 dancers were also given prizes.

The celebrations ended with the distribution of snacks and a gift with khirapat to all the present staff. Many of the ladies suggested organizing such activities every week or month to build rapport with the staff members.