Sr. No. Annexures Download
1 ANNEXURE – I  Seat Matrix Download
2 ANNEXURE – II  Infrastructure details Download
3 ANNEXURE –  III  Trust Deed/By-laws/Registration certificate Download
4 ANNEXURE – IV  Library Details Download
5 ANNEXURE  – V  Department wise Equipment/Instruments/Charts/Models/Furniture Download
6 ANNEXURE  – VI  Clinical Material in hospital Download
7 ANNEXURE  – VII  Information about department wise OPD Download
8 ANNEXURE  – VIII  Total teaching staff information (approved+ not approved) as per MSR Download
9 ANNEXURE  – IX  Subject-wise teacher list (approved +not approved) Download
10 ANNEXURE  – X  Subject-wise Medical teaching staff list- For undergraduate course Download
11 ANNEXURE  – XI  Total non-teaching staff information Download
12 ANNEXURE  – XII  Total hospital staff including paramedical staff information Download
13 ANNEXURE – XIII  Information of workshops, activities performed in last one year Download
14 ANNEXURE – XIV  Information of biometric attendance, research articles, student welfare schemes Download
15 ANNEXURE – XV  Salary Aspects Download
16 ANNEXURE – XVI  Examination related information Download