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It is with immense delight and pride that I, Dr. Dimple Padawe, Dean, Government Dental college and Hospital, Mumbai present to you this website, a virtual tour of one of the most prestigious and esteemed dental institutions of the country.

Government Dental College and Hospital, Mumbai since its establishment in the early 1960s has been committed to excellence in education, patient care, research and community service. With each upcoming year, we revisit these goals to ensure that the foundation that was established decades ago stands firm even in these changing times.

Situated in the heart of Mumbai city, this government run institution is a well-equipped modern dental hospital and college that provides a comprehensive training program for the students amalgamating best of both the worlds- academics as well as patient management. As for our patients, rendering state of the art treatment with the most cutting-edge technology and equipment to ensure quality dental care for all remains our goal.

The institute takes pride in its highly competent faculty members who are dedicated to ensure that today’s students evolve into competent and successful doctors tomorrow. We are also proud of our alumni who are holding the flag of our college high, all over the world. And lastly, our beloved students who are ever motivating and inspire us to be a better version of ourselves every day.

This platform is designed with the motto of providing our visitors with an opportunity to gel with our institution in all its facets- services provided, educational courses offered, recent accomplishments, proficiency of each department and an overview of our overall progress.

On behalf of the institution, I welcome you all to our humble world of wisdom, learning and patient care.

Dr. Dimple Padawe, Dean
Government Dental College and Hospital, Mumbai

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